Ideas and Results for a Changing Global Marketplace


Ideas and Results in a Changing Global Marketplace: Management Strategies, Inc.

Change Management

Organizational Culture



In today’s uncertain world, you are faced with daily challenges requiring fast responses. As a decision-maker, it’s more important than ever to “get it right” the first time. Your situation isn’t unique. It’s a function of the way business operates in a global marketplace

While no one can provide silver bullets for every organizational problem, the people who have been there before are a source of valuable insights into what might happen next. That’s what Management Strategies, Inc. offers – perspectives and advice based on an understanding of what has worked before. And, more to the point, what hasn’t worked.

The program descriptions on this website can be booked as consulting engagements or seminars and workshops.. In that regard, MSI will work with you to improve these critical aspects of your operation:

Organizational Culture
Change Management, and,
Negotiation Skills

The common thread is using interpersonal and effective communication skills to work together and achieve meaningful goals.

Management Strategies, Inc. calls upon a team of experts who provide advice and expertise to quickly evaluate a situation and create a step-by-step action plan. Let me show you how MSI can assist you in building a successful organization. 


Jack Pachuta

Management Strategies, Inc.