Negotiations Workshops and Seminars


Ideas and Results for a Changing Global Marketplace

How to Negotiate as if Your Success Depends on It

Providing valuable insights and hands-on practice for win/win negotiations, this program emphasizes the skills required to work with others to achieve excellent results. Topics include:

Key Negotiation Concepts
Any action taken during negotiations must be based upon three fundamental concepts that form a foundation for the entire process. Learn to approach a negotiations opportunity with the proper mindset.

Power Factors
Before beginning negotiations, seven factors determine who has intrinsic power. Learn how to predict each side's power base and use them in a win/win environment.

Strategies and Tactics
To maximize results, negotiators must understand and utilize the right combination of planned actions. Learn 17 specific strategies and tactics along with their purposes and counters.

Guidelines for Concessions
Often negotiators must concede certain points in order to benefit their positions in other areas. Learn the psychology of concessions along with seven guidelines.

Gathering the correct information is at the core of good negotiations. Learn when to ask questions, the types of questions to ask, and how to handle difficult questions directed at you.

Listening Skills
Information is gathered and interpreted most effectively when good listening skills are practiced. Learn to identify and control communications by becoming an active listener.

Players in the Negotiations Game
The behavior styles of individuals have a marked impact on the overall negotiations plan. Learn how to categorize the personality styles of the negotiators into four quadrants.

Relationship Strategies
Each personality style must be handled differently to facilitate agreement. Learn how to best address the unique characteristics of the negotiators.

Alternatives at an Impasse
When agreement cannot be reached, well-defined actions can get the negotiations back on track. Learn 11 creative alternatives that can be used when an impasse occurs.

Negotiating on the Telephone
Contact via telephone presents its own challenges to a negotiator. Learn what makes telephone contact unique, as well as seven techniques for maximizing telephone negotiations.

Body Language
Non-verbal communications can reveal a great deal about another person. Learn the meaning of certain gestures and actions.

Team Negotiations
A team of negotiators must be prepared to mesh their activities into a cohesive position. Learn how to select a negotiating team and utilize tactics that have an impact on the outcome.

Positioning and Room Arrangement
Certain physical items can help determine success. Learn how to arrange the conference room and position your team at the negotiations table.

Handling Difficult Negotiators
On occasion, personalities can get in the way of agreement. Learn how to handle hostile remarks and ultimatums while avoiding defensiveness.

Negotiating from a Weak Position
When a particular position requires more strength, negotiators must be able to modify their actions. Learn to understand the "big picture" while keeping a positive mental attitude.

Common Negotiating Errors
Negotiators must avoid certain errors to remain on track. Learn the nine most common negotiating errors while applying the "slight-edge" principle. ​